little requests into EXPORT option

Asked by ABNormal on 2009-12-02

1) is it possible to add a selectable box into export window that apply a export+delete (a MOVE instead of a COPY option) too?
2) is it possible to memorize the latest selected folder used for exporting? actually you have to reselect folder starting from wiithon folder and can be (it is) boring to do it in multiple operations (...mmmmh, is it possible a multiple choice of games to export/move too?)

i know.... these are little details.. but your prog is close to perfection (well maybe an embedded dvd burner could be useful in some cases.. and what about a "win32 invasion"?)

i think that if you put a (google?) ads window it could be nice to... thank you for your job... pecunia non olet (old latin)


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Carlo Mandelli (camandel) said : #1

We might add an option in preferences to select "export only" or "export and delete", but I think this is a bit dangerous, and push two buttons (extract and delete) for one game is not too boring (propose last used dir is a good idea).
But, as you told, repeat this operation several times is not so nice.
At the moment GUI doesn't support multi-select on extract/delete but this can be easily done with CLI.

Create a file containing all IDGAMEs you want working on (you can view them with "wiithon -l").
For example create a file called "idgame.list" containing:


then run a simple script like this:

while read IDGAME
    wiithon -p /dev/sdc1 -w /your-exp-dir -g $IDGAME -e
    wiithon -p /dev/sdc1 -g $IDGAME -d
done < idgame.list

use "wiithon --help" for more details.

ABNormal (abnormal1962) said : #2

but i think that "export and delete" is not so dangerous.... you exported it (before deleting it)! so in case you deleted it for a mistake you can always reimport the file.