Can wiican use centralized configs?

Asked by JT Moree

I have multiple users logging into a machine. I'd like to setup some centralized configs for watching DVDs, online radio, HULU, etc, but also allow the user to continue customizing his own. Is there a way to have wiican combine a centralized set of configs with user customized configs?

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J. Félix Ontañón
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JT Moree (jtmoree) said :

BTW. Here is a link to configs I've created in the past.

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Best J. Félix Ontañón (fontanon) said :

@JT Moree i'll speak about Wiican 0.2.x series. In 0.3 i've planned to change the way the mappings and prefs are stored.

Wiican 0.2 stores in /usr/share/wiica/config_skel with two default mappings: mouse and neverball. If a new user launch wiican the /usr/share/wiican/config_skel it's copied to $HOME/.wiican.

So, if you store in /usr/share/wiican/config_skel your default system mappings, every user with no $HOME/.wiican will start with the default mappings and can customize them.

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JT Moree (jtmoree) said :

Thanks J. Félix Ontañón, that solved my question.

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J. Félix Ontañón (fontanon) said :

JT Moree, now in wiican 0.3.x this has been modified to:

* /usr/share/wiican/mappings_base: Any mapping deployed in this directory will be auto-available for all users. Users could not modify those mappings.