Volltextsuche in Übersetzungen möglich?

Asked by LAZA

Immer wieder fallen mir einzelne Wörter auf, die falsch geschrieben sind oder ein Leerzeichen fehlt (Kleinigkeiten halt).

Leider habe ich noch keine Möglichkeit gefunden, diese dann in den 'Translations' zu suchen, - und alles durchklicken wäre wohl ziemlich irrational!
Oder gibts so was wie eine Volltextsuche in Launchpad bzw. nur in Widelands?


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SirVer (sirver) said :

Please keep things in english for future references.

AFAIK this is not possible. Questions of this sort should be adressed to launchpad though, as we have no control over the translation application.

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Nasenbaer (nasenbaer) said :

actually I disagree - e.g. if there is a campaign text that has "Rüvkzug" instead of "Rückzug" you could just open the translations for the specific campaign and enter "Rüvkzug" in the search box.

So go to: https://translations.launchpad.net/widelands/trunk/+lang/de

click on the campaign file that contains the error

on the right top just below <username> <Logoutbutton> there is the searchbox.

or did I somehow missunderstand your question?

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LAZA (laza74) said :

Yes, thanks for that, - but:

i don't know the campaign / template name!

so i have to know the right name and accuratly this is the problem!

But it makes things much easier to search through some campaigns (20) and not to ALL 3000 translations

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Hans Joachim Desserud (hjd) said :

In my experience, the translations are split up rather logically, so as long as you know where to look, you'll most likely find it. Rough description of how the translations are organized:
widelands - the rest, everything not covered elsewhere, all menus, options, error messages, buttons, dialogs and other things in the game
maps - names and descriptions of maps
tribe-atlantans/barbarians/empire - names and descriptions of wares, buildings and workers of the different tribes
scenarios - the history/dialog in the campaigns. They are numbered like the order they appear in, and identified by atl (atlantean), emp (empire) or t (barbarian) prefix before the number. I guess t=barbarian as those maps were added first, when there was only one campaign.
world- the trees and creatures in the various worlds, identified by name of the world
texts- includes stuff like the README, credits, the hints shown when loading the game, and similar things
map-plateau - the story for "The green plateau", a scenario.
scenario-tutorial1 - the tutorial available from the main menu
win-conditions- description of the various types of games and messages with "you have won/lost"

Say for instance if you are playing the second mission in the barbarian campaign and notice some typo in the story text. Then it would would make sense to search in scenario-t02.wmf, since that contains all translations for the second map in the barbarian campaign.

Hope this helps.

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LAZA (laza74) said :

Thank you VERY much!!!