Failure to import BSM model

Asked by VC on 2020-11-21

Hello Whizard experts,

I failed to import a BSM model containing dark matter to Whizard. This is what Whizard gives:

| Reading model file '/usr/local/share/whizard/models/SM.mdl'
| Preloaded model: SM
| Process library 'default_lib': initialized
| Preloaded library: default_lib
| Reading model file '/usr/local/share/whizard/models/SM_hadrons.mdl'
| Reading commands from file 'stop_neutralVBF.sin'
| Model: Generating model 'DMsimpt' from UFO sources
| Model: Searching for UFO sources in working directory
| Model: Found UFO sources for model 'DMsimpt'
Fatal error: exception Invalid_argument("Y")
| command: /usr/local/bin/omega_UFO.opt -model:UFO_dir ./DMsimpt -model:exec -model:write_WHIZARD > DMsimpt.ufo.mdl
| Return code = 512
*** FATAL ERROR: System command returned with nonzero status code
WHIZARD run aborted.

The model is called DMsimpt and is written in UFO. There are no fields or parameters named "Y" in the model, but the hypercharge quantum number is denoted as "Y" in the model. Does the error message indicate that for some fields, their choice of hypercharge Y don't make sense? Also, is there a verbose mode for Whizard to display more details in the error message?

Thanks a lot!


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Thorsten Ohl (thomega) said : #1

Thanks for the report. I will investigate.

Best Thorsten Ohl (thomega) said : #2

Thanks again for finding this. The fix is committed and I have described a workaround until the fix is in the public version.

VC (vv-cc) said : #3

Thanks for your reply!

VC (vv-cc) said : #4

Thanks Thorsten Ohl, that solved my question.