How to input the fine structure constant

Asked by Cheng Li on 2019-07-05


I'm now using the whizard with NMSSM model and want to use a loop corrected fine structure alpha as an input. But it seems like the alpha is a dependent parameter and it is derived internally. If i add :

alpha_em_i = 127.92

in the SINDARIN script, then it will give the error message:

*** FATAL ERROR: Model variable 'alpha_em_i' is locked
So I just want to know how to input this fine structure constant, or maybe how to modify the model file to unlock the input of alpha?

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Li, Cheng

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Pascal Stienemeier (pstienem) said : #1

Hi Cheng Li,

thanks for posting the first question here!

By default, WHIZARD uses the GF-mW-mZ scheme, so yes, alpha_em cannot be given directly but instead is derived from GF, mW and mZ.
I think instead of modifying the model, it is easier to compute GF for leading-order calculations from the value of alpha_em you want to use and use GF as input as intended by the model.
In the SINDARIN script you use to steer WHIZARD, you could do something like

model = NMSSM
real my_alpha_ew = 1 / 127.92
mZ = ...
wZ = ...
mW = ...
wW = ...
GF = pi / sqrt(2.0) * my_alpha_ew * 1/(mW^2 * (1 - (mW^2)/(mZ^2) ))


The show(alpha_em_i) tells you then that WHIZARD indeed uses the intended value of alpha_em:
NMSSM.alpha_em_i* => 1.279200000000E+02



Juergen Reuter (j.r.reuter) said : #2

This seems to have solved the issue.