WHIZARD build fails: /bin/sh: divisions.f90: command not found

Created by Juergen Reuter on on 2019-12-05
Build failure

make[1]: Entering directory `/opt/whizard/whizard-2.8.3/build/vamp'
When you see the the error message below, then you very likely checked out either the HepForge svn repository
or our public git. These repo versions still need to get code and documentation extracted from their single source files.
The tool for this is noweb, available in the standard Linux distributions and via MacPorts and Homebrew on macOS. Please install noweb, or alternatively use one of the nightly builts from the Siegen git server located here:

Making all in src
make[2]: Entering directory `/opt/whizard/whizard-2.8.3/build/vamp/src'
Makefile:994: Makefile.depend: No such file or directory
R'[[divisions.f90]]' ../../../vamp/src/prelude.nw ../../../vamp/src/divisions.nw | divisions.f90
/bin/sh: divisions.f90: command not found
/bin/sh: R[[divisions.f90]]: command not found
make[2]: [divisions.f90] Error 127 (ignored)
R'[[vamp.f90]]' ../../../vamp/src/prelude.nw ../../../vamp/src/vamp.nw | vamp.f90
/bin/sh: R[[vamp.f90]]: command not found
/bin/sh: vamp.f90: command not found
make[2]: [vamp.f90] Error 127 (ignored)
R'[[tao_random_numbers.f90]]' ../../../vamp/src/prelude.nw ../../../vamp/src/tao_random_numbers.nw | tao_random_numbers.f90
/bin/sh: R[[tao_random_numbers.f90]]: command not found
/bin/sh: tao_random_numbers.f90: command not found
make[2]: [tao_random_numbers.f90] Error 127 (ignored)