How can i get auto completion in python after loading the webpy module?

Asked by Eleanor Berger

In IPython, after importing webpy auto completion no longer works.

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Eleanor Berger
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Best Eleanor Berger (intellectronica) said :

You can still use 'python' with auto completion feature. Try it out directly. Fire up 'python':

    import readline, rlcompleter; readline.parse_and_bind("tab: complete")

and tab it! :-)

To make in sort that this will be run default when you fire up 'python'. Make a file called '~/' and put the import line in it. Then set the 'PYTHONSTARTUP' environment variable to point to that file.

In bash, you can do it like the following.
edit ~/.bashrc and add:

    export PYTHONSTARTUP=~/

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Endolith (endolith) said :

Why is this necessary? What does do that breaks IPython?