Internet access only 1 (or more) hour per day.

Asked by zacharyjos on 2009-04-28

I see that children too much time spending to sit at computer. When I was small children we went to forest, play footbal, hide-and-seek. Now, when I look at the window, I can't see them. Unfortunetly children sit at home and using computer. I think that is very, very bad. Children need real authentic contact with other people.

Would you make in your project webcontentcontrol limitation of time spending in Internet per day? Example I want to set 1hour/per day limit Internet access.
Something like Polish ,,

I hope that your project GChildCare and WebContentControl be in progres and help peole in good children's upbringing. God bless you.
Best regards Andrzej

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KIAaze (zohn-joidberg) said : #1

You can already set time limits:
and the end of

I do plan to implement a GUI solution to make this easier to use.

Note: Currently only fixed time limits are possible. You can't have just "one hour per day". It has to be of the form "from HH:MM to HH:MM".
However, it should be relatively easy to limit the time spent logged in, so I could eventually implement that too.

P.S: Try to make your children limit their time on the PC by themselves. Because one day, they'll have to be autonomous. ;)
And it's possible to do interesting/educative/creative things on the PC too (altough some minimum physical movement is necessary).

zacharyjos (adymala) said : #2

Thank you for your answer.
P.S. I've just described your projects on polish Linux Ubuntu site: and on polish unofficial