Would it be possible to integrate chapter wikis into the national wiki?

Asked by Rob Ochshorn

By using a namespace extension to assign a namespace to each chapter,
and some subdomain rewrite rules, it may be possible to merge all
chapter wikis into the national wiki.

[school].freeculture.org/wiki could be configured with rewrite rules
to point to a portal for that school, and it should be possible to
vary the theme of each namespace such that chapter wikis appear as

I believe there would be several social as well as technical
advantages to this shift:

* True unified log-in/userpage

* Easy collaboration between national campaigns and chapter actions;
  may encourage more interaction between members at different schools

* Single database

* The national wiki is prettier than most chapter wikis, and has
  cooler extensions

* Easy to set up new chapter on the wiki

However, this is not a typical mediawiki usage, so there are several
perils to consider:

* We would need an extension in order to have sufficient freedom to
  play with namespaces; this seems the most thorough effort thus far:

* While some centralization has some advantages, chapters may be
  uneasy editing even their namespace if it's in the high-visibility
  national wiki

* It's unclear how difficult importing the existing wikis into this
  system would be

* It may be clunky and/or error-prone linking to everything as
  [[School:New Page]] instead of [[New Page]]

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Asheesh Laroia (paulproteus) said :

That sounds pretty nice.

The only downside is the [[School:New Page]] issue.

I'm currently falling asleep, but I like the idea and want to hear from others, too.

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Asheesh Laroia (paulproteus) said :

(Also, would you help? I'd love help.)

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Rob Ochshorn (robochshorn) said :

Yes, I would help with this.

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ticket-monster (rjr84) said :

i think it would be nice to have chapters integrated into one wiki. it could be a problem though, that people fortet to add their namespace (or their category). cheers,

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Asheesh Laroia (paulproteus) said :

http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Namespace_manager would be the right tool to use. In particular, it has this feature:

"Default link prefix. Links from this namespace to other pages which do not have a prefix will be treated as if they were prefixed with this text. For example, if this was set to "User", a link in the given namespace [[Dogmaster3000]] would be rendered as if it was written [[User:Dogmaster3000|Dogmaster3000]]. The most common use for this is namespace-internal linking. For example, it could be assumed that any unprefixed link in the "Cookbook" namespace points to another recipe, rather than a page in the Main Namespace."

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