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Suggest swapping
            currentMin_int = int(strftime("%M"))
            currentSec_int = int(strftime("%S"))
            timeToWait = 3600 - (currentSec_int + (currentMin_int * 60))
to allow the wallpaper to update on the hour, no matter what time the app is started
from time import strftime
will have to be included as well, but combine this with the nicer date format fix i suggested it would all work out nicely :D )

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Raúl González Duque (zootropo) said :

The problem is that NOAA reports don't update at 10 o'clock exactly, they may be updated at 10:05, 10:12...
And I don't know if all of them update at the same time.

There should be a value at the NOAA data file telling you when to go back to check for the new values...

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Nate Walker (kiwinewt) said :

report.getTime().split(' ')[1] will get the time it was created (with the date and time zone subtracted). This may be practically any time zone, depending on how each report is done.
One way around this may be to update every 15min? This likely wouldn't have much effect on the servers, and would mean that the information is always up to date for the user (and its always good to see the time increasing on the output, even if it has nothing else new to show, as the background picture is more likely to change on time as well)
Can be done by:
            currentMin_int = int(strftime("%M"))
            while currentMin_int > 15:
                currentMin_int -= 15
            currentSec_int = int(strftime("%S"))
            timeToWait = 900 -(currentSec_int + (currentMin_int * 60) )
Probably not the fastest or tidiest way to do it but it works

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Nate Walker (kiwinewt) said :

that code has a bug. it should be:
              while currentMin_int >= 15:
as if the time is xx:15/30/45 the timeToWait becomes less than 0
this sets the currentMin_int on a xx:15/30/45 to 0, therefore giving a full 15min wait before the next update

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Raúl González Duque (zootropo) said :

I just changed it to 900 seconds. Thanks Nate.

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