Questions re: profile folder and installing from scratch

Asked by keldo

Hello and thank you for your work on indicator-weather. I don't want to wait anymore for this application upgrade to be fixed.

1. Would completely uninstalling and trying to reinstall from scratch fix this issue?
2. Is there a profile directory or a settings file which stores all data associated with indicator-weather?
3. Why doesn't 'sudo apt-get remove --purge indicator-weather' remove EVERYTHING associated with indicator-weather (including log files, etc.)?

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Joshua Tasker (jtasker) said :

1. Maybe, maybe not. I'm not sure if the dconf data is removed.

However, I just pushed a new release, it will be available on the PPA soon, or you can get it from the Weather Indicator downloads page:

2. All settings is stored in dconf, you can run the dconf application from the launcher and navigate to apps > indicators > weather
The only other log file is written to ~/.cache/indicator-weather.log

3. I am not sure, I did not write the code originally, I will look into it. I am not sure that dpkg can remove dconf settings per-user, I will investigate.

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Joshua Tasker (jtasker) said :

A followup to #3:

As per these two questions on Ask Ubuntu:

'sudo apt-get purge packagename' does not remove any files from the user's home directory.

Since Weather Indicator stores its configuration per-user, there is no way to automatically remove these files.
I can change its behavior so that when you uninstall then reinstall it will clear out all your old settings/logs upon the first run. Is that desirable?

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Mattijs Riekerk (mattijs-riekerk) said :

I'm sure there are some people who want to keep their settings, so maybe you can make it a question at first run, but possibly only when it detects existing settings.

Am I making my self clear?

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