Forecast cannot be fetched. Connection cannot be established.

Asked by aamadis on 2012-08-28

Just installed on Precise and I can't get the forecast window to display. I keep getting this error. "Forecast cannot be fetched. Connection cannot be established." Is this a bug or something else?

Also my icons are screwy in the systray. Way too big. Though that could be from using tint2. Not sure.

Ross Ashley (brashley46) said : #1

also getting this failure to connect. started last night.

Ross Ashley (brashley46) said : #2

Bug #207013 has nothing to do with this.

Ross Ashley (brashley46) said : #3

Linked to Bug #1042667.

donna dunaway (donna9217) said : #4

It started with my system a few weeks ago after some updates. I'm still getting the failure to connect message.

"Forecast information cannot be fetched. Connection cannot be established": same behaviour with »Weather Indicator 12.07.30 'Cloudy 10'« on 2012-09-21, OS = Ubuntu 12.04.

Bob (bbrazie) said : #6

Mee too. Just subscribing to this thread. Ubuntu 12.04

Ross Ashley (brashley46) said : #7

I have switched to the weather-indicator extension to the Xubuntu taskbar, which just works.

Bob (bbrazie) said : #8

Ross, can you explain what you did in depth?

I am using Ubuntu 12.04.

Rick Klug (rick-klug) said : #9

Ross I'd also like to hear what you did to get the weather-indicator?

abrianb (abrianb2003) said : #10

Same message on my machine.

Martin Milner (martin-milner) said : #11

I gave up on Weather Indicator, even the very latest was broken. Switched to the superior my-weather-indicator which works very well in Unity with World Weather Online forecaster.

Bob (bbrazie) said : #12

Where did you get "my-weather-indicator" ? Works in Ubuntu 12.04?

Bob (bbrazie) said : #14

Thanks. Installed it in Ubuntu 12.10 and it works great!
I had to re-boot for some reason but it is working fine now.

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