How do we actually download / install?

Asked by Jim on 2011-05-07

I understand that most people downloading this want to use it for testing purposes, the version that comes with Ubuntu 11.04 crashes frequently for me. I wanted to give the new 3.x branch a try over the 2.x branch. However, when I downloaded it, I only got instructions for how to run it in testing mode (run the service separately, run the client separately, and have it show up in a separate window).

How do you build, install, and run it as an indicator in the application bar? How do you do that automatically? If you need desktop programs or other runners, what do those files look like and where do you put them?

I see that the Ubuntu module is repacked, but instructions on how to wire all of this up in the installation guide would be appreciated.

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I don't know how to install the 3.x version 'properly' - but if your motivation for installing the 3.x branch is that the 2.x branch crashes too much, then I don't think this is a wise move!

Note that several bugs in the Ubuntu repository version have been fixed in our ppa: ppa:weather-indicator-team/ppa

Panagiotis Skintzos (ph7) said : #2

Hi Jim,

the 3.0 version is still in the works and I don't recommend that you install it (that's why there are only testing instructions). That code is changing rapidly (for example the next update will use a new database scheme), so it's not yet ready for everyday use.
In few weeks it'll be usable and then you'll be able to install it from a ppa.
Until then use the current ppa as Felix suggested.

Jim (jwyllie83) said : #3

That's good advice and I appreciate it, but that doesn't answer the question. I'm fine bugfixing the code (I know Python a lot better than I understand the indicator toolbar) and I'm fine waiting a couple weeks until you feel it's "solidified" to the point where external bugfixes would be welcome, but eventually end-users will want to use this, and might want bleeding-edge code to do it. It Makes Sense that a paragraph or two about integration into the UI should be present: it's an INSTALL doc, after all.

Vadim Rutkovsky (roignac) said : #4

Jim, check out my experimental PPA ppa:roignac/weather-indicator for a build of foggy branch

Panagiotis Skintzos (ph7) said : #5

Jim, for sure I'll update the INSTALL doc, when the state is more complete. Again the code you see there will change a lot, so please wait a bit before bug reporting/patching

Jim (jwyllie83) said : #6

Ok, thanks for your help everyone.