Cannot get weather for Glasgow, UK

Asked by imafatmess on 2011-03-21

Hi there,

I live in Glasgow, Scotland therefore it would be very useful for me to get the weather for here. I can get weather for any other location I have tried in the UK, just not for Glasgow. When I click Glasgow, Scotland, UK it goes to the next menu for adding a city, with any other city it would add its name into this box but for Glasgow it does not. I then enter Glasgow in and it comes to the final screen and I press apply but nothing happens. The following is outputted to terminal:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/indicator-weather", line 1530, in on_apply
    wi.settings.save_location_details(eval(str(location_details)), str(location_code))
  File "/usr/bin/indicator-weather", line 180, in save_location_details
    "yahoo id" : location_details['yahoo id'],
KeyError: 'yahoo id'

If I try to change the provider to google, this changes nothing. Any help would be appreciated,


Vadim Rutkovsky (roignac) said : #1

There are two bugs on this, hope, they wil lsoon be fixed

Vadim Rutkovsky (roignac) said : #2

The problem is in Yahoo Weather API - Weather RSS cannot be found for several cities.
The status will be tracked in bug #739191

Vadim Rutkovsky (roignac) said : #3

Moving discussion to bug report

Ian J Cottee (ian-cottee) said : #4

A short term solution for Glasgow until the fix comes through is to set your weather provider in the preferences to Google. I can then select Glasgow without an issue.