Can I run Wargus on Tides of Darkness?

Asked by SeattleDad on 2012-03-07

I'm just wondering if Wargus will run against the Tides of Darkness CD on a Mac, or do I also need the original Warcraft II?


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Pali (pali) said : #1

Tides of Darkness is also Warcraft II (but without expansion), so it should work. Also Mac versions should works.

Joris Dauphin (joris-dauphin) said : #2

extratction should work.

I think that there are missing graphisms that stratagus want to have.
I will fix that requirement soon.
(missing graphisms are some unused graphisms and "energy bar" if I remember correctly).

Joris Dauphin (joris-dauphin) said : #3

Oups, I reversed expansion with original, Pali has right.

SeattleDad (seattledad) said : #4


It seems that the original Warcraft II is almost becoming a collector's item. It's not available new and it's only sold these days as part of Warcraft II Battlechest. I just ordered Battlechest used for $70. Tides of Darkness alone is selling for $20.

SeattleDad (seattledad) said : #5

I just checked the Wikipedia page and now I get it: "Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness" is "the original" Warcraft II. The expansion is called Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal. Both original and expansion are sold together as "Warcraft II: Battle Chest".

I'd suggest updating the FAQ page to make this clear. It wasn't at all clear to me what I was supposed to buy to get Wargus to work.