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Asked by german on 2011-02-14

well, i was thinking in that, it would be very interesting idea to the add doodads like those that are in starcraft, to wargus, for example bridges, rocks, bushes or anything else, what you say about it?

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Kyran Jackson (erstmap) said : #1

Could be accomplished with a special type of unit that can't be selected, and is visually beneath other units.

In regards to it specifically targeting Wargus, do we have any graphics which could make use of this?

Kyran Jackson (erstmap) said : #2

This could also be done with patches, as seen in BOS Wars. I've asked whether or not patches will be backported.

german (pepeelgranjero) said : #3

well i was trying to add a bridge, actually i have graphics for that, from a game called warwind, but i cannot make it works, the script is something like the one below

--- Bridge Building ---
DefineUnitType("unit-bridge", { Name = "Bridge",
  Image = {"file", "ww/neutral/terrain/bridge.png", "size", {72, 72}},
  Animations = "animations-bridge", Icon = "icon-unused",
  Costs = {"time", 10, "gold", 500, "wood", 200},
-- RepairHp = 4,
-- RepairCosts = {"gold", 1, "wood", 1},
  Construction = "construction-land-5",
  Speed = 0,
  HitPoints = 0,
  DrawLevel = 0,
  TileSize = {2, 2}, BoxSize = {64, 64},
  SightRange = 1,
  Armor = 5, BasicDamage = 0, PiercingDamage = 0, Missile = "missile-none",
  Points = 100,
  IsNotSelectable = true,
  BuilderOutside = true,
  Decoration = true,
  Corpse = "unit-destroyed-2x2-place",
-- ExplodeWhenKilled = "missile-explosion",
  Type = "naval",
  ShoreBuilding = true,
  Building = true, VisibleUnderFog = true,
  Sounds = {
    "selected", "bridge-selected",
-- "acknowledge", "human-blacksmith-acknowledge",
-- "ready", "human-blacksmith-ready",
    "help", "bridge-alarm",
    "dead", "building destroyed"} } )

Kyran Jackson (erstmap) said : #4

How doesn't it work? If you want units to be able to walk over it, you should put the bridge on land. You'll also want the tilesize to be 0, but I believe right now if you put that it would crash the engine.

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