Please tell about plans.

Asked by Alexander on 2010-12-05

1. Please tell us about plans for the project.
2. Are there plans to completion AI scripts (the orcs after 4 mission tides of darkness no action AI only default)?
3. What about the right animations (some, like fire - too slow, some too fast - the core of the gun).
4. Why is there no animation of water, water units, and buildings on the snow maps? (In the original WC2 they are animated)
5. Could you do to the menu can be on-off dot points and the route line of units?
6. How to help the project (bug reports, comparison with the original)?

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Pali (pali) said : #1


I have no plans for this project. (Maybe other developers have, but I dont know) Other things (like animations) is not defined and it needs to create/fix wargus scripts. So this is reason why it doesnt work...
The best help is not reporting bugs but fixing it :) If you are interesting in wargus you can join to ~stratagus team and develop wargus too. Everyone who wants to help with wargus are welcome.

Alexander (zdmaster) said : #2

I'm not good in programming languages. I really like the game WC2. And I am very glad that there is a project stratagus, which adapts the game to new and open systems. I will try to understand the script, but the code is beyond me =)

Travis (dinky-dye-aussie) said : #3

Pali, I've just found this site and I am glad someone is once again developing this modification so I can enjoy Warcraft 2 in Windows 7 and High Resolutions :)

I've mucked around with the script files a fair bit and had some good results. I'm glad that I can run the game in my native 1680x1050 resolution now, and not have to manually add it to the script files. I'm ok with understanding the language in the .lua files and have some basic C/C++ programming under my belt, so I could lend a hand if need be.

Real Life is busy so even if you send me a list of all the bugs that need fixing I could try and tackle them myself and re-release the appropiate script files...I don't know, just thought I'd let you know. I love this game and being able to play it on a high end system and at a high resolution is just pure bliss.

Pali (pali) said : #4

Travis, if you are interested in Stratagus join to team (than you can commit patches to bzr). All open Stratagus and Wargus bugs are on and

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