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Asked by Jebus

This is the best wallpaper switcher I found for linux, congratulations.

I have recently moved from Windows, and there are some features I miss from "john's background switcher" (JBS), I hope you can add them to the wishlist:

- Enable/disable for each monitor folder (can be a checkbox), instead of only add/remove. This way if today I'm feeling like having only Landscape wallpapers, I can disable all and enable the Landscapes folder. Later I can enable the other folders again, without having to find them in the filesystem.

- Open current wallpaper! (with the default program, eg: Image Viewer) This option is so important to me, that I think it should be in the menu for the tray icon. (btw, minimize to tray worked fine for me with Unity, in Ubuntu 12)
Could also be "open containing folder".

Thanks in advance. ^^

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Jebus (jebus123) said :

Oh one more thing: If you add the 'open containing folder', please make it select the wallpaper so I don't have to find it manually inside it (there might be thousands of wallpapers in a folder), like Image Viewer does.

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Alex Solanos (hakermania) said :

Hello Jebus, thanks for all the things you mentioned!

I know that this is probably our fault, but yes, there is a right click menu on the list, which provides the option 'Open Folder', which opens the current folder of the selected image! Also, if nautilus is installed, then Wallch launches it and selects the image as well, just what you wanted: http://i.imgur.com/udFDI.png

As for the 1st request, I think it's a good idea and I have already put it in my to-do list.

Thanks a lot!

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Jebus (jebus123) said :


That 'open folder' option does not select the image in my setup (Ubuntu 12 with Unity). Nautilus is the folder browser, right? Then I have it installed.

In the screenshot you seem to have a different theme or something.

Anyway, even if that worked, it still won't help my use case. Lemme give you an example:

Wallch is changing wallpapers from time to time, and I just watch them pass while I'm working or something. All of a sudden the most awesome wallpaper shows up, so I want to find it and move it to my 'Best' folder (could also be a wrongly classified wallpaper, eg: an abstract wallpaper in the landscape folder). But when I open wallch's window, that wallpaper is nowhere to find. It's not selected (I thought it would be selected and showing its preview), and I don't even have its name. The only thing I can do is open wallch, edit, history, memorize its path, and find it manually.

One last thing: 'previous' and 'next' should follow the history in my opinion, even when 'randomly' is selected. Actually I'm not sure about 'next', but 'previous' is vital, so I can go back to the wallpaper I just saw, but wallch changed it and I couldn't pause it on time.

Thanks again, it's nice to see that you are open to suggestions.

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Alex Solanos (hakermania) said :

Yes, my bad; we implemented the nautilus Open File feature as I described it right after the release of Wallch 3 and I thought that it we implemented it before.

Anyway, we've fix this and it will be available in the next release!

As for the Open Current Image option, it is a good suggestion and it will stay in our to-do list.
The main problem is, that it will have to read the image no matter who changed it(the user manually, other program, or Wallch itself). And that means that Wallch will have to read the configuration files, which differs depending on the Desktop Environment (the new version of Wallch will run in many different linux DEs). But, the default DE is GNOME3, so I guess we wills tick to it.

Of course, any suggestions are welcome, we are not gods (I think).

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Alex Solanos (hakermania) said :

I just added the Open Current Image's Folder feature request!

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Best Alex Solanos (hakermania) said :

I just made the feature request about the checkboxes on folder monitoring, also.

Video example: http://www.mediafire.com/?dvknalh5swfdngd (1.16 MB, sorry for the advertisements, but launchpad doesn't allow attachments on answers, only on bugs).

So, we've added Open Folder with image selection some months ago and now I added Open Current Image's Folder feature and checkboxes on folder monitoring.

If you are satisfied with the result, please mark this 'question' as solved!

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Jebus (jebus123) said :

Awesome! It looks great, I love you.

I'm sorry to ask, but should an update already be available, or must wait for a new release? It says it's up to date.

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Jebus (jebus123) said :

Thanks alexsol, that solved my question.

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Alex Solanos (hakermania) said :

Jebus, sorry, but you have to wait for the next release, which will possibly come late this summer. Just check regularly our website: http://wall-changer.sourceforge.net
Omg!Ubuntu! (http://omgubuntu.co.uk) will maybe write something about it, also...

I love you too http://bit.ly/LZnI8C