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Asked by Alessio L.

I think it would be very nice if you'll add a 'from internet' option.

That's for users who don't have 10K of images on their HD or for people that just want something ALWAYS (or almost) new.

For example your wallch wallpapers can be downloaded directly from your web site instead from megaupload (something like 5 per time, 1 used immediatly and 4 as 'cache').

The minimum delay should be so increased to 1 (but 5 would be better) minute.

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Alessio L.
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Alex Solanos (hakermania) said :

Alessio, thanks for your interest!

Providing the 1000 pictures from our website and let the program download them is not a good idea because the site is hosted on a free host with bandwidth limits.
For people that don't have '10K' of images can download the ones we provided via megaupload.

Mainly, we don't see *why* to depend so much on the internet, considering that many people have limited bandwidth connections, so it will be better for them to manually download the 1000 wallpapers provided by megaupload.

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Alessio L. (scionescire) said :

In fact I suggested to add the option, not to switch to a internet-based program.

It would be just anoter feature for the program, for the people who can afford it (or flat connections or 1 (or whatever) image per day (something like 15-30 mb per month)).

For the hosting, you can use something like dropbox or ubuntuone, which are free and quite fast.

It's up to you to improve or less your program, as it is, it's depending too much on user's resources, imho.
It would be nice to have something that merge image searching on image sites (so new walls every moment) and the commodity of setting a search and manage everything in a desktop-integrated program.

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Alex Solanos (hakermania) said :

Alessio, dropbox has a limit of 10GB/day and I don't know about UbuntuOne but I'm quite sure that it's not unlimited as well. So hosting our very own pictures isn't a very good idea. Also 1000 wallpapers randomly changing don't become easily bored, considering the wide range of categories (i am talking about the 1000 ones provided by megaupload).

On the other hand, it would a good idea to search on image-hosting or search-engines sites for pictures using a search option provided by the user (i.e. if input is 'cars', there will be car-related searches, also multiple entries like 'anime' 'cars' 'pc' or completely random searches (from example 100 words picking randomly some) etc.)
It could search on Google Images, Flickr and similar ones.
Nice idea but I don't think it will be implemented in the close future.

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Alessio L. (scionescire) said :

Well, for the 1000 pics I don't know anything more unluckly, as it is however works fine.

Nice you'll consider the options.
Time is not important ;)

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jakslev (jakslev) said :

I agree - let's be able to link to a Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, DropBox or normal online folder. That would be AWESOME.
Do it! :o)