Extract date out of email

Asked by Dan on 2015-08-27


I am new here.
I want to extract a date out of an email to add an entry in my calendar. A friend told me there is a command for this but I haven't found anything, yet.

VM version is 8.1.2
Calendar is calfw

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Uday Reddy
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Uday Reddy (reddyuday) said : #2

In a folder buffer or presentation buffer, you can execute

  (vm-get-header-contents (vm-current-message) "Date")

Dan (cramxyz) said : #4

Hey, thanks for your answer.
I am sorry but I think my question was not clear enough.

Here is an example:
You write me a mail with the folliwing content: "Hi, our meeting is on November 16, 2015"

So is there something implemented to filter out the date (Nov. 16, 2015) and add it to my .diary file? Or would I have to write something on my own.

Best Uday Reddy (reddyuday) said : #5

No, there is no function to extract a date from the body of the message.

It is certainly possible to write a regular expression to recognize dates and there might be such expressions/functions available on the web. (This would be an emacs thing rather than VM thing.)

Dan (cramxyz) said : #6

Thanks Uday Reddy, that solved my question.