pcrisis is not morphing when I hit reply or forward

Asked by Daniel Barrett on 2013-09-04

I've been using vm-pcrisis.el for over 10 years (the 1999 version by Rob Hodges). When I upgraded to vm 8.2.0b last week (from version 8.0.x) and the 2011 version by Uday Reddy, an important behavior changed and I'd like to get it back, if anybody knows how.

Previously, when I did a reply or forward operation, pcrisis would do an "automorph" and set my outgoing email address to match the incoming address of the message. So, if my default outgoing email address was <email address hidden>, but the incoming message was addressed to <email address hidden>, and I did a reply or forward command, pcrisis would properly set the From line to <email address hidden>. It doesn't do this anymore: my From line is always <email address hidden>, no matter what the incoming address on the message is.

However, the vmpc-automorph function works perfectly when I invoke it directly. So I am hoping there's a simple way to make the morphing happen again on replies and forwards.

Thank you very much.

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Daniel Barrett (dbarrett-m) said : #1

I found the problem: some variable names changed.

Older versions of vm-pcrisis.el used:

- vmpc-replies-alist
- vmpc-forwards-alist

Now they are called:

- vmpc-reply-alist
- vmpc-forward-alist

plus there's a new variable vmpc-actions-alist available. I modified my pcrisis setup and all is well again.