Make reply and forward headers the same as new mail headers?

Asked by Daniel Barrett on 2013-09-04

When I compose a new mail message, I get the headers (in the mail composition buffer): To, Subject, FCC, From, Reply, and CC:. When I reply or forward, however, I get only the headers To, Subject, and FCC in the composition buffer. How do I make my reply & forward headers the same as the "new mail message" headers?

I'm running 8.2.0b. Previously when I ran 8.0.x, I didn't have this problem: I got all the headers in all three modes. (Probably I tailored something to get them 10 years ago, but I don't remember what.)


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Daniel Barrett (dbarrett-m) said : #1

I found the problem: some variable names changed.

Older versions of vm-pcrisis.el used:

- vmpc-replies-alist
- vmpc-forwards-alist

Now they are called:

- vmpc-reply-alist
- vmpc-forward-alist

plus there's a new variable vmpc-actions-alist available. I modified my pcrisis setup and all is well again.

Uday Reddy (reddyuday) said : #2

If you run VM without any customization (by renaming .vm to something else),
what do you get?

I myself get "From", "To" and "Subject" in all cases.

Daniel Barrett (dbarrett-m) said : #3

Same with me.

You can ignore this question. I solved it as described above: by renaming some vmpc variables.

Uday Reddy (reddyuday) said : #4

Ok, I guess you vm-pcrisis was filling in the headers somehow.

Daniel Barrett (dbarrett-m) said : #5

Yes indeed. vmpc is AWESOME! I could not survive without it. :-)