Recreating summary messages too verbose

Asked by Robert. D Houk on 2013-02-05

Could you please lower (to 7 or even 8) the two Recreating summary messages

  (vm-inform 6 "Recreating summary... %s" n))
  (vm-inform 6 "Recreating summary... done")

in the vm-update-summary-and-mode-line () function [vm-folder.el]

My primary drive in requesting this is that in delete and kill messages, the more
useful "<n> messages deleted" is immediately overwritten with the relatively useless
Recreating summary message. (I say "relatively useless" since that message comes
out on almost EVERYTHING I do -- read, delete, etc and so forth, and as such doesn't
really convey much interesting information).

I could just lower vm-verbosity to 5, but then I lose a lot of other useful/interesting
level 6 messages...

This is re version VM 8.2.0b (gnu23), running under emacs v24.2 (Solaris/SPARC).


     -RDH (Robert D. Houk)

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Uday Reddy
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Uday Reddy (reddyuday) said : #1

This would have been better as a bug report rather than a "question".

In any case, 5 is the "normal" level of verbosity. What information do you normally use at level 6?

Uday Reddy (reddyuday) said : #2

The reason for the lower verbosity level of "recreating summary" is that it is quite slow at the moment. So, some people wonder why VM might be idling for a long time if they don't know what it is doing.

Robert. D Houk (rdh) said : #3

I thought the default was "6", but apparently it is "8" (8.2.0b-gnu23):

(defcustom vm-verbosity 8
  "*Level of chattiness in progress messages displayed in the
minibuffer. Indicative levels are:

With "5", vm seems to sit/freeze for long periods as it is reading from
our IMAP server (it's only able to cough up about one message per
second, so it takes a long time to download the morning's pile of
messages, typically 50-100).

I'll play with it some more tomorrow, and followup on this.


Robert. D Houk (rdh) said : #4

OK, after delving more deeply into things, I believe that the Recreating summary
should be a maximum of level 8 if not level 9.

I base this on the relative usefullness of "Recreating summary" vs much more useful
messages such as:

1) "9 messages deleted" ("k"ill thread of messages) at level 5 (vm-kill-subject in vm-delete.el)

2) "Checking for new mail..." (both 'vm' command at level 6 and vm-imap-folder-check-mail
      at level 6 in vm-imap.el)

3) "Retrieving message <n> (of <m>)... " at level 7 in vm-imap-report-retrievel-status
      in vm-imap.el

This could be viewed as a regression from vm 7.19, as 7.19 would report <n> messages
deleted and NOT overwrite the message immediately as is the case in 8.2.0b.

If you make it ("Recreating summary") level 8, then you will pretty much maintain today's
default behavior (since default vm-verbosity is 8), and by the user (e.g,. "me") setting
vm-verbosity to 7, I get all the useful messages (my interpretation of "useful"), and not
the annoying (to me) "Recreating summary" overwriting more useful messages on EVERY
"d"elete and "k"ill (and a bunch of other) command(s).

From my point of view, case 3 above (individual message retrieval summary) is the most
important, as it is the message that announces "stalled" when the IMAP server buries its
head in the sand (happens a lot here).

I hope this all makes sense to you.


Best Uday Reddy (reddyuday) said : #5

Thanks for the feedback! I will make adjustments in the next release.

Robert. D Houk (rdh) said : #6

Thanks Uday Reddy, that solved my question.