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Asked by Bogdan Craciun on 2011-03-10

If I start a Virtual machine and after that I start a Tap, VirtualBricks closes.
* I have installed qemu with sudo apt-get..... in usr/bin. It doesn't work (show the console) with qemu installed from sources

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Bogdan Craciun
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Bogdan Craciun (xmasbogdan) said : #1

VirtualBricks closes after starting a Tap

Bogdan Craciun (xmasbogdan) said : #2

I managed to get all the things started (2 Virtual Machines, a switch and a Tap) with console for each machine but it does not work if I try to add NICs


to start/configure a tap, you will need to be root (to access /dev/net/tun).

recent versions provide access via your desktop manager (default method is gksu).

Can you check if this is the case? can you run gksu or similar?

Bogdan Craciun (xmasbogdan) said : #5

i use VirtualBricks v2 (latest). Now I managed to get it working. I don't know why but my qemu doesn't pop up another screen for the virtual machine. I had to use "vinagre localhost:1" and open up remote desktop manager. I hope it will work. Thanks anyway

Bogdan Craciun (xmasbogdan) said : #6

Ok. I didn't knew that. I thought it will work, because I've seen it on another machine runnin' ubuntu but maybe he had a hacked version of ubuntu kernel. Isn't it there any other solution instead of using vinagre?

We have opened Bug #672763 to investigate on that further. Another user already reported that qemu doesn't show up on his ubuntu desktop, and had to use vnc as workaround. We'll keep you posted.

Thank you very much for your interest in VB