What does Viridian cache?

Created by Dave Eddy on on 2010-08-11

When Viridian first authenticates successfully to an Ampache server it caches the list of artists. Then when the user clicks an artist it queries Ampache for that artists albums, and then caches that list of albums (and album information, such as the album rating). Then when a user clicks an album it queries Ampache for the list of songs from that album and caches all of that information.

Now when a user clicks an artist or album that has already been cached, the loading time for displaying the albums/songs is much shorter because the information is stored locally on the computer running Viridian.

Viridian does NOT cache the songs themselves, they are always streamed from the Ampache server.

To speed up the response time of Viridian you can go to File -> Pre-cache, see the FAQ about pre-caching for more information.