gnome-vim menu item in Applications...Accessories (like Emacs)

Asked by Grant Bowman

I just installed gnome-vim. Shouldn't it register a menu item like Emacs does? I might be able to help implement this if a mentor steps forward.



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Grant Bowman (grantbow) said :

With some help from folks in #vim I found these user instructions. When I right click on the applications menu and select Edit Menus and click on Accessories I see that the vim menu item is available but not visible (checked) by default. Thie fix will be in the form of a diff to the package that would make that check box select by default during installation.

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Grant Bowman (grantbow) said :

I found this in the vim source changelog.

+vim (1:6.3-025+1ubuntu2) warty; urgency=low
+ * debian/vim-gnome.desktop:
+ - Disable menu item.
+ -- Jeff Waugh <email address hidden> Fri, 8 Oct 2004 10:04:36 +1000

I can only speculate as to why. Perhaps vim was installed by default in those days, unlike now. I would bet that today if someone goes to the trouble of installing vim they most likely WANT to see it in the menu.

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Grant Bowman (grantbow) said :

There seems to be an established team on the Debian side, but not a single contact on the Ubuntu side as the package is handled by the MOTU team.

I am having difficulty sorting through all the differences. The point of contact for issues with a MOTU package aside from the people that have done work on it before seems to be the MOTU Council.

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James McCoy (jamessan) said :

This seems to be related to and specifically There's no mention of editors on the MenusRevisited page so it seems that Vim was considered, IMO wrongly, under "If an item is primarily launched by a specific MIME type and works with one file at a time, it can be hidden". GIven that this isn't being done for other editors (like emacs and gedit), this seems like a bogus change and a bug in the Ubuntu packaging.

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Grant Bowman (grantbow) said :

Hi James, thanks for responding from the Debian perspective.

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Colin Watson (cjwatson) said :

I've just uploaded a fix to Intrepid, thanks to James' comments. Sorry for the delay.

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