There is a dark line across the bottom of tall images.

Asked by Bill Slack on 2019-10-30

I use Ununtu and on every version from 12.00 through (now) 18.04, there has been a dark line across pictures that exceed about 1000px vertically. The dark line is NOT present on the original picture, but when displayed by Variety (ver 0.6.7) the line appears. It seems to be about 5 or 6 px wide and extends completely across the screen in pictures that are exactly 1020x1080. Any other picture that exceeds around 900px vertically will have this line. Since my desktop background is black, I don't notice it on narrower pictures.

Is this a known thing? I could attach a screenshot if it will help, but I can't find any method to do that.


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Best Peter Levi (peterlevi) said : #1

Please report a bug in GitHub and attach a screenshot. The most probable reason I can guess is your desktop environment is configured to use a wallpaper resize mode that shows the full picture and with some sizes you get blank space around them and this is what you see.

Bill Slack (iss-boss) said : #2

I resumed investigating this morning. Your hint concerning desktop environment spurred my thinking into checking out what I was using. I've always used the KDE Desktop and Cairo-Dock. As a check, I dropped back to Unity (still running Variety) and found the dark line was not present. When I went back to KDE and Cairo, the line appeared. I stopped Cairo-Dock and the line went away.

So, Variety isn't the problem, Cairo-Dock is. Is suspect now that there is a rectangular reserved area around the Dock (even though the icons are smaller) and this reserved area isn't handled well by the video driver (NVIDIA).

Sorry for the false alarm. I should have investigated deeper before crying "Wolf!"


Bill Slack (iss-boss) said : #3

Thanks Peter Levi, that solved my question.