Local quotes file - sign limit per quote

Asked by Delta Mykron on 2018-07-25

Longer quotes from my local quotes.txt file never show up. I assume there is a limit to the amount of allowed signs per quote.
Increasing the quote area / decreasing font size seems to be of no effect.

- What is the maximum length of quotes and is there a way to extend this limit?
- Just out of curiosity: Does this also apply to the "author" part?

Thanks in advance and cheers!

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Best Peter Levi (peterlevi) said : #1

There is a hardcoded limit now of 250 symbols for the quote text (quotes longer than that are not used), as the rendering logic is not made to handle all sorts of edge cases that could happen with longer quotes. The limit may be smaller with non-Latin characters in the quote.

I'll probably extract this to a config option (with no GUI for it) so that it is not hardcoded.

Author is not included in that, and there is no filtering on author length.

Once the filtering passes, the rendering logic does not really care how long the quote or author is, and if any of them is too long it'll appear cropped.

Delta Mykron (deltamy) said : #2

Thanks Peter Levi, that solved my question.