Lock-Screen Support on GDM?

Asked by Michael on 2015-11-10

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to set the lock-screen background in GDM to the current wallpaper. It seems I can "abuse" the login-sceen copy-wallpaper feature and it would work fine already if variety didn't create a different variety-copied-wallpaper-{random-guid}.jpg file for every wallpaper. In the GNOME Tweak Tool I can specify which image to use for the lock screen, but then it would have to remain the same file name. Alternatively, Variety could explicitly support this feature by updating the respective configuration setting itself (if the GDM display manager is in use).

(I guess I can also set the login-screen background in GDM but this is more complicated with this display manager apparently.)

I guess just a feature that copies the current wallpaper to a specified location with a user-defined naming pattern (i.e. change original name or not, append a GUID or not) would be sufficient for many scenarios.

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Best Peter Levi (peterlevi) said : #1

Cases like this one are the reason Variety uses a user-editable script for setting the wallpaper - ~/.config/variety/scripts/set_wallpaper. Edit it and add a "cp" to copy the wallpaper to a static location.

Michael (8-launchpad-b) said : #2

Looks good. This file already comes with a lot of stuff though. For maintenance reasons (future updates through the package manager etc) I'd recommend to separate this functionality into a different (initially empty) script.

Michael (8-launchpad-b) said : #3

Thanks Peter Levi, that solved my question.

Daniel Odumeru (olud22) said : #4

Hi, I use Arch with Gnome as my D.E and gdm as my display manager. am still a newbie in writing scripts and linux in general. How exactly do i get Variety to change the background image on the gdm lockscreen?

Robert (antinsa) said : #5

Can you give me steps to make this happen? I use xscreensaver, and unless I use GDM I cant lock my screen. I really like lightdm, however I need a lock screen as I am a teacher. I need to lock my screen in an instant. Is there away you can give a step by step to make cahgeable variety backgrounds with variety+gdm on the login/lock screen? Im using ubuntu 16.10 wih gnome on 4.9 kernal if it matters.