Scrolling over indicator does not change wallpapers on Mint 17.3

Created by Peter Levi on on 2016-02-02
mint scroll indicator


"I've been happy with Variety until the latest release (not your testing version). With version 0.5.5 the facility to change the wallpaper by using the mouse scroll wheel stopped working on my system. I'm using Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon 64-bit. "


There have been no changes in Variety in this aspect. But the different desktop environment's support for app indicators is changing. Something in the 17.3 updates to Cinnamon has broken this. Please read the "System tray" section here:

"If you don’t like indicators, you can turn this off in “System Settings” -> “General” -> “Enable support for indicators”. This results in forcing all applications which use indicators to fallback to using status icons."

Turning support for 'indicators' off in this way makes the scroll wheel function in Variety as before.
However, this may affect other applications with indicators in unknown ways.