How to properly report a bug for Variety

Created by Peter Levi on on 2015-08-05
bug reporting guidelines

Variety bug reporting guidelines. Please understand that without the information required here, we often can't do anything.

IMPORTANT: If you want to report several bugs or feature requests, please create separate bug reports for every single bug or feature request, don't bundle them into the same bug report. This makes tracking the state and commenting on them very inconvenient.

When reporting a bug please include the following along with the bug description:

1. Version of Variety.

2. How did you install it - from official PPA, from daily PPA, using another method (please specify)?

3. Which desktop environment you are using (e.g. Unity, Gnome Shell, XFCE, etc.)

4. Version of Ubuntu, or full info on the OS

5. Variety's log: Please run "/opt/ -v" in a terminal (only "variety -v" is enough for newer versions), reproduce the bug, quit Variety and attach this log file to the bug report: ~/.config/variety/variety.log. You may want to first manually check the log for exceptions, errors or warnings after you see the bug - you may be able to guess what is happening and your bug report will be more helpful.

Attach the log as a file into the bugreport.

IMPORTANT: Remember the "-v" parameter - without it the log is useless.

6. Provide as much information about the bug as possible: Does it happen every time you do something, or just sometimes. Does it happen only when Variety is starting while the computer starts, or it doesn't matter. Can you link it to some specific action, wallpaper, event, user ID, etc. When applicable, describe the steps needed to reproduce the bug.

Thank you.