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Asked by Jerry2000 on 2010-12-06

Please release valide from time to time. It is impossible to compile valide with current vala almost all the time, and also it is impossible to force repo maitaners to add valide svn version to the tree.
Maybe it is possible to release something called unstable minor release it is better to have unstable valide than to don't have it at all.

have a look e.g. here:

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Nicolas Joseph (gege2061) said : #1


I know, Valide need a new release, but:
  * Some bugs need a fix: #640723, #650521 and #674520 ;
  * With wich version of vala would you like to release valide? Debian unstable (my reference) is blocked on vala 0.8.1 but valide work with vala 0.10 ;
  * I would finish the Debian package for integration ;
  * I just moved, my computer is still in a box.

I know, but it's not the good time, sorry.

You can help me by posting information or patch bugs.

Of course I don't want to try to force you to release valide or do anythink you don't want to.
But vala is still unstable and undere very intensive development. So it is changing much from version to version.

I believe the next valaide you like to release is 0.8.0 and it is not finished yet. But now you can compile valaide with one of the current version of vala. Let say you are using 0.10.0 or maybe 0.11.1 so maybe it is possible to release valaide as it is now as e.g. 0.7.9 (called 0.8.0 pre) with vala-0.11.1 (or any version you are using and can be used to compile current valaide trunk) as dependency.

Now we are in a place when i can have any version of vala on my gentoo box, but because some changes in portage (vala is now slotted) it is impossible to build valaide at all.

Best Nicolas Joseph (gege2061) said : #3

The next planned release is 0.7.1, a bugfix release, I can't publish this release with a major bug, in particular the bug on Fedora.

The packaging tasks are less important because it's a different branch.

I'll try to fix bugs quickly but it was not until a few weeks (without internet, I can't install a virtual machine for reproduce bugs).

Thanks Nicolas Joseph, that solved my question.