How do I find out the URL of my favorite radio station to add?

Asked by Peter Bittner on 2015-12-17

How do I find the correct URL for my favorite radio station? What technology / interface does the radio station have to support?

For example, I'd like to add Ö3 / Oe3 and Antenne Vorarlberg as radio stations. Is that possible? Their websites are:


There is a How-to page in the uRadio Wiki that is supposed to explain the process, but unfortunately the Wiki page on this topic is empty.

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #1

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Peter Bittner (peter-bittner) said : #2

How about providing an answer? Hello authors?!

Peter Bittner (peter-bittner) said : #4

(What about trying to be less arrogant? Have you read the question?)

What technology / interface does uRadio support or expect?

Best Uranicus (matthias.ritter) said : #5

Hi Peter,

I am a user pf URadio since several months and I try to support here. What I do to add my favourite stations is:

Open the page of the live-stream in your browser (in my case Firefox).
Rightclick inside the window to get to the context menu and pick: show source code of the page (Seitenquelltext anzeigen in the German menu)
Search the page (Ctrl-F) for mp3

In your case of Ö3 I find: the following text string on the page of the live stream of Ö3:

"streamingUrl": ""

Enter the following into the http section of the "add your own station" of uradio:

This will work. I have just tested it.

Any further questions?

Regards and happy listening with uradio!!

Peter Bittner (peter-bittner) said : #6

Thank you Matthias!

There should be a help page, a hint on this or on resources that explain the setup step-by-step in the uRadio app. Now, this is documented here, at least. Thanks.

Peter Bittner (peter-bittner) said : #7

Thanks Uranicus, that solved my question.

Uranicus (matthias.ritter) said : #8

Hi Peter,

good to hear that this helped you to solve your issue. About your proposal: I am not the programmer and I am also not skilled to really do something about it. But I believe that the genius behind this (Rubén Parra) will read it and might take it on board for future developments.

By the way: my proposed solution is working for me with all stations I have added to uradio. I do not know if this is really a universal solution. But I hope that the users that are struggling with adding a station to uradio will read it and get their inspiration to solve their issue.

Uranicus / Matthias

Harry (richard-graubart) said : #9

you may also want to have a look at

it is in German though..

Uranicus (matthias.ritter) said : #10

By the way, if you follow post #5 and you only find a "m3u": uRadio will not play this link!

But there is an easy way out:
- open an editor (e.g. gedit)
- open the link with the extenstion m3u
- within this file there is the usable streaming adress

E.g. if you want to test this:
- open in gedit:
- this link contains:
- use this link in uRadio

Bob Harvey (bobharvey) said : #12

Or, indeed,
Which may require the probe inside a m3u trick.