Unity 7.4 - bug - unable to interact with windows after some time

Asked by v on 2016-04-28

After period of time (couple of days?) I am unable to interact with windows. As far as I can tell at this point it only affects Gnome Terminal 3.18.3.

Not sure if there is way to reproduce this issue, except just have the terminal windows open for couple of days.
I lost the ability to resize the window, or interact with maximize, minimize, or close button.
Top Menu still works. I can still type in commands into the terminal.
The mouse pointer never changes from I to mouse pointer when hovering over the control bar.
Clicking on the control bar minimizes window, instead of focusing the window.
Resetting the terminal does not fix the issue.
The only way to fix the issue is to "exit" Gnome Terminal using exit command.

Anyone else having same issues?

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Skip (lamajela) said : #1

By Purpose/training/vocation & Profession I am afraid I am NOT [must 'neo-logize' here!] At All V. "PC_handy" being a post-Doc Fellow in Neuroscience & a Physician; now semi_ret'd Prof. Emeritus in Medicine from a Physiological Foundation in Molecular Genetics.

[INTERNAL MEDICINE] is the 'accepted term' in the Areas where this speciality exists - but the problem plaguing you sounds qu8ite similar to how I might describe my own...among several OTHER Issues so far - some still current! - WONDERFUL 'machines' & possibilities for data_processing & large VOL data handling STATS many things ....PROVIDING EVERYTHING IS WORKING ALL RIGHT!

 - in my case THANKS BE! [BIG THANKS!} I have another Institutional system otherwise the acquaintance (one of my mentoring students; having trouble w/attempting Publication as P.I. in the peer-rev Journal world) who 'talked' me into using k//ubuntu [on a personal system] quite hindered me by NOT mentioning HOW or WHERE 'help' might be got from - 'passing on' as people do; I must add that I HAD NO 'real problems' for many years until the systems began to proffer 'updating' Programs

Said again I fully admit the GREAT CAPABILITY of making use of this I_TEK/FUNCTIONALLY! ...but never trained in it 'Technically'- there are after all only so many thing s one can master in a given length of time -- I tho't perhaps merely 'having a link open' ON A SIMILAR PROBLEM might work in the following fashion - if any 'news' or "method" comes my way or vice_versa we would have ways & means to communicate it - one to the other...

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