Is it possible to auto-arrange the active Unity launcher icons?

Asked by abhijit on 2012-05-26

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 x64 bit as default DE

Is it possible to Auto Arrange the Current-Active applications in Unity Launcher panel to align in Lastly -Opened or Firstly-Opened in ascending or descending order ,irrespective of their locked positions in the Unity Launcher panel.

Just to get rid of Scrolling down the launcher panel every-time to search for active application thereby depriving the need of Alt-Tab shortcut.

[ I mean Alt-Tab alternative in more smarter way, though i also use Alt-Tab for the task Management purpose].

I already posted this as a Question here

How this can be achieved --( i may be entirely wrong at this logic)

The mechanism or Algorithm which shows the Small Triangular Indicator on the Unity Launcher bar at the Extreme Verticals of Active Icon (Application) can be used to do this.

FIRST , where it shows SIngle triangular indicator (Left of Active Icon) which is active can be placed in Ascending or descending order in the Launcher Panel Like the same Behavior of ALT-TAB ( where they overlap windows lastly accessed ).

SECOND , where it shows Double triangular indicator which is the Current Active Window can be placed First (Either below the Dash Icon or without it) or Last (In Active Icon Arrangement) .

These Active Applications Icons Should not be in their repectively locked positions , but rather in A Line Arrangement Showing that they are active.

If Applications is closed it can revert back to its original Locked position..


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Best Nekhelesh Ramananthan (nik90) said : #1

First of all, thank you for taking so much effort to post in two different places about your idea. Unfortunately, I hate to say this but the unity design mailing list would be the most appropriate place to talk about your idea. In the Unity design mailing list you will be able to start a discussion directly with other Unity developers and perhaps even Mark Shuttleworth.

To subscribe to the Unity design mailing list, please follow the steps below,

1. Become a member of Ayatana discussion group. You can find them at
2. Once you are approved, subscribe to the mailing list on the same page
3. You can then email the mailing list with your idea.

I hope this helps you bring forth your idea to everyone in the community. Please mark this question if you are satisfied with this answer.

abhijit (tijybba) said : #2

Thanks Nekhelesh Ramananthan, that solved my question.