Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Unity Dock Auto-Hide Broken

Asked by Neal Gamradt on 2012-03-13

I just installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Beta1. I have run all of the updates after the install. I am running the Compiz-based version of Unity on an HP that ran 11.10 without any issues. However, when I go into settings and enable the auto-hide feature of the dock, it doesn't seem to work at all. It hides the dock, but the edge activation doesn't seem to react. I mean, I move it to the left edge and nothing happens.

I know that the launcher options have been slimmed down, but the simple edge-hide should work, shouldn't it?

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Neal Gamradt
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Neal Gamradt (ngamradt-d) said : #1

Can anyone else reproduce this issue? I have never had the edge-hide simply not work at all. I have seen it hang in very early releases of Ubuntu, but never simply cease to function. The only way I can force the dock to show is with the super key. Thanks again for any feedback.

Neal Gamradt (ngamradt-d) said : #2

After running 81 updates that came out today, the Unity dock auto-hide is now working. I will close out this question now. Thanks.

David Haddon (dave373) said : #3

I am still having issues with the Dock on auto hide. I can show the dock with the super key, but moving to the left does not sure a dock as it used to. I am using two monitors and I used to get a dock on the left of both.

I can turn the docks on permanently, but that puts a dock right down the middle all the time (on the left of the right monitor) which is really annoying.

*******:~$ unity --version
unity 5.4.0

Neal Gamradt (ngamradt-d) said : #4

Hello David, I am no longer having this issue with this version of Unity:

***********:~$ unity --version
unity 5.6.0

David Haddon (dave373) said : #5

Why is mine not the latest?? Might be re-install time...

David Haddon (dave373) said : #6

So... no updates available.

:~$ dpkg -l | grep unity-2d

ii libunity-2d-private0 5.6.0-0ubuntu2 Unity 2D shared library
ii unity-2d 5.6.0-0ubuntu2 Unity interface for non-accelerated graphics cards
ii unity-2d-panel 5.6.0-0ubuntu2 Unity 2D Panel
ii unity-2d-shell 5.6.0-0ubuntu2 Dash and Launcher for the Unity 2D environment
ii unity-2d-spread 5.6.0-0ubuntu2 Unity 2D Spread

This make me think something is amiss...

Neal Gamradt (ngamradt-d) said : #7

I am using Compiz-based Unity, not Unity-2D, perhaps that is the issue?

mozdevil (mozdevil) said : #8

The auto hide behavior seems to have changed a little, before 12.04 softly touching the side of the screen made the dock appear. Try to push your pointer through the edge of the screen.