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Asked by 6205 on 2011-01-12

If i order all bugs by importance i see very long list of critical, high and medium priority bugs, just three months before Natty release. I have big doubts if you can manage that. You are too small group to be able to create completely new UI within reasonable time frame, iron out all bugs and deliver working desktop.

What were the reason for Unity? Do you wanna test your abilities or loyalty of your users? You should have used Docky and focus your resources on application menu(if you wanna copy Mac) + maybe the new ubuntu menu button with some basic system informations window etc. Majority of users will use anyway classic desktop with Docky, because of bug 668415

You can only pray for working desktop at least for 12.04

Anyway, good luck :)

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Firstly Unity is very stable in natty already and some nice features are being added too so it will be awesome sooner than 12.04. Unity has been in the works for about a year now and is a lot more stable and fast than Gnome Shell in natty so there is a lot of progress being made in this short time frame.

Secondly Docky is awesome but on the Unity team there is the creator of docky and awn and cairo dock so I think these guys have enough experience doing docks :)

Thanks Shane Fagan, that solved my question.