Can't use because it keeps telling me some schema is missing

Asked by Unregistered on 2013-11-18

It would really be nice if somebody could use this tool.

On first try after installing it said something like "notify-osd" was missing. Somehow I found it and installed it.
On next try now some schema is missing. When somebody could guide me to find this, this stupid tweak tool will propably keep telling me about a thousand pieces that are missing from the big puzzle. I will do without it.

You should really provide a step-by-step guide on how to install this tool if any newbies should be able to use it.

Consider this as answered, it's just a general report why i won't use this "Unity Tweak Tool".

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J Phani Mahesh (phanimahesh) said : #2

On a default install, all components are present. Sorry to hear that you were troubled, but are you using it under ubuntu >=12.10?

If yes, we'd be more than happy to help you resolve the issue. Any missing component MUST be a result of manually uninstalling core components of unity desktop.

If not, I'm sorry. Your use case is not officially supported.


it had been Xubuntu (I think something like version 13.10) and it had been the first Linux I used for about 10 years. I had to reinstall my computer and decided to stick to Mint. It's much more comfortable and I didn't feel the need to install Unity again. Although my netbook looks a bit prettier with the netbook launcher but really, Unity isn't the same.

How I installed XUbuntu: Yumi for Windows, chose XUbuntu, clicked on the Download-Link and just put it on the USB stick together with 3 other distributions. Started from the stick, chose to install XUbuntu and that's it. Nothing strange or special and the only thing that had not been out of the box was the driver for my soundcard.



J Phani Mahesh (phanimahesh) said : #4

Apologies, but Unity tweak tool was designed for the Unity Desktop environment. Xubuntu uses XFCE by default, and hence, can not be configured using Unity Tweak Tool. The stock Ubuntu ships with Unity.

If you return to Ubuntu and decide to try Unity, do give Unity tweak Tool a try.