Hot corner sensitivity?

Asked by Kelly Hyde on 2013-02-21

I'm considering filing a bug report for this, but I'm not sure whether to report it against Unity Tweak Tool or against Compiz (I'm assuming against Compiz, but I figured I'd ask first). Does Unity Tweak Tool do anything to set the "sensitivity" of configured hot corners? They're virtually unusable with my MacBook Pro's touchpad. When I set a corner to "Window Spread" and then scroll to that corner, Window Spread toggles itself on and off 2-3 times within a very short period of time. It seems like the hot corner is firing itself off multiple times even though I've only scrolled over to the corner once. Does UTT have any say over this or is this all Compiz?

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Does Compiz support that? If there is a gsettings key for that I am all for adding:
Sensitivity <GTKScale>
in the hotcorners pane.

Sadly compiz doesn't seem to support that. I was unable to find anything regarding that in dconf and ccsm :/

Kelly Hyde (polarimetric) said : #3

I'll have to file a bug report against compiz then. Thanks! Just wanted to ask and make sure before I filed anything.

No worries :)