I do not get an unread count on the launcher icon.

Asked by Grant Shearer on 2011-07-08

The notifications work fine, but the unread count doesn't show in the icon. Any ideas what could cause this?

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Grant Shearer
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Grant Shearer (myfamilyrules) said : #1

A little more info: I have used the CompizConfig Settings Manager and changed the settings under Ubuntu Unity Plugin. I'm not sure if this is at all related, but I figure more information is better than none.

Here are my settings (I don't remember what the defaults were):
[Behavior Tab]
Reveal Launcher: Left
Hide Launcher: Never
Key to show the Launcher: <Super>
Key to put keyboard-focus on Launcher: <Alt> F1
Key to execute a command: <Alt> F2
Key to open the first panel menu: F10
[Experimental Tab]
Backlight Mode: Always On
Launch Animation: Pulse while running
Urgent Animation: Wiggle
Panel Opacity: 0.8000
Launcher Icon Size: 32
Hide Animation: Fade and Slide
Dash Blur: No blur

Grant Shearer (myfamilyrules) said : #2

Nevermind, I'm mentally challenged. After messing around with all the Launcher settings I went into the Ubuntu Unity Settings and noticed that I somehow had a blank account setup as the #1 account and then my other two accounts as 2&3.

I'm guessing it was choking on this and assuming there wasn't anything setup. I removed the blank one and now it works.

Thanks for the great app!