2/4/2011 Upgrade from the Unity-2D Daily PPA caused massive Xorg instability. [With Interim SOLUTION]

Asked by Nicholas McCurdy

System: Ubuntu Linux 11.10 3.0.0-16-generic on i686 - Unity-2D on a SuperCrappy SiS 7650 Video Bus

This is less of a question than it is the (initial) solution to my particular problem, and hopefully a possible starting point for others with a similar situation.

Hopefully the Unity-2D team can also take a look at the packages listed and let us all know if there's something they can help with in a more permanent way. :)

Problem: Upgrade from Unity-2D Daily PPA this morning installed updates of a series of libraries and other items.... nothing strange so far: all was green, no errors reported. Following a reboot (Xorg was updated significantly) and return to the WindowManager Loader / Login screen, any and all mouse input caused X to crash and reinit back to the WM Loader... Not nice. Sure, I love a mouseless terminal too, but today really wasn't the day for it.

Since this PPA upgrade was part of a 65+ package general system upgrade, I rolled the package upgrades back and forwards again until the problematic ones were located. I then performed another full upgrade and then re-downgraded the identified library packages to the versions they were running stably with this morning.

Initial Solution (Assuming that you have a fully-updated set of packages installed):
Find your way to a terminal with R/W HDD access + Internet connection and type this:

sudo apt-get install libbamf3-0=0.2.104-0ubuntu1 libbamf0=0.2.104-0ubuntu1 bamfdaemon=0.2.104-0ubuntu1 libxfixes-dev=1:5.0-4 libxfixes3=1:5.0-4

I say "Initial" Solution, because the libraries being downgraded are important in the operation of Unity-2D and I haven't fully tested its behavior with these modified dependencies to be sure of stability.

Note that the apt-get code listed above downgrades all 5 questionable libraries to the versions that were in use until yesterday on my system so the differences between them and the current versions are as minimal as possible. Also note that I HAVE NOT had the time (since it's getting late here, my inclination wanes too) to test the libraries individually (as it's probably only one of them causing the problem)... anyone who wants to is welcome to refine.

Final Words: dpkg is known for being bad at downgrading (dependency issues), so be aware that you could break your system if this is not done correctly for your particular installation.

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Ahmed Kamal (kim0) said :

Hi, I started hitting this today. Would you please file a bug and link it here. I think devs are on 12.04 so won't catch this one on their own

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Nicholas McCurdy (nick-mccurdy) said :

Bug Report created and linked. Hope the devs find it worth working on. :)

Ubuntu/Unity-2D has made it possible to use some ancient hardware in a way that even the non-tech members of my family have enjoyed. If there's any additional support that can be given to the project, i'm always happy to do so!

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Gerry Boland (gerboland) said :

Hi guys,
thanks for the feedback. You may have noticed that the daily PPA was not updating in some time, this is because after the Oneiric release, libraries were updated & made Precise-only, and for Unity2D to take advantage of these improvements, we became Precise only too. This PPA remained Oneiric only.

On Friday work was done to backport the Precise-only libraries to Oneiric, so Oneiric can get the latest improvements we've made to Unity2D (that are Precise-only right now).

One of the necessary changes was to the X server, and unfortunately this must be causing your problems. My apologies, we will work to get this PPA reliable for eveyone.

Something that would help is Xorg.log output, if anyone can grab it & attach it to the bug report, we'd be grateful.

Thanks for the messages of support, it's always good to know people are using & enjoying Unity2D.

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Nicholas McCurdy (nick-mccurdy) said :

Xorg Logs tarballed and attached to the Bug Report. Hope it helps.

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