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Asked by Aritchie on 2011-04-06

I did not know if this is a bug or intentional so I thought I would ask it as a question. Is it intentional now that the banshee basic controls always show now?

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Olivier Tilloy (osomon) said : #1

I’m not sure I understand the question Adam. Could you please elaborate on what you are observing, and what you think may be a bug?

Aritchie (aritchie) said : #2

Sorry Olivier, the Play, Rewind and Forward buttons appear in the menu just as if Banshee is running when in fact Banshee is not running. I cannot post a screenshot since it appears now when the menu is showing, you cannot bring up gnome-screenshot any longer with pressing "Print".

Aritchie (aritchie) said : #3

This is with Natty 11.04 Beta 1 with Banshee 1.9.6.

Olivier Tilloy (osomon) said : #4

Adam: are you sure banshee is not running? What happens when you click the various entries in the menu (play, rewind, forward)?

What is the output of `ps -ef | grep banshee` ?

Also, can you reproduce reliably? If so, can you detail the steps you are taking to get there?

Aritchie (aritchie) said : #5

When I click on play, rewind or forward - it starts banshee.
Output of "ps -ef | grep banshee is:

adam 1847 1793 0 14:26 pts/0 00:00:00 grep --color=auto banshee

I don't do anything to take this steps. It is like this from bootup of the system.
I also fired up banshee and then started the System Monitor and checked the Processes tab and as expected it showed banshee running. I shutdown the System Monitor, shutdown banshee and start System Monitor again and sure enough the Processes tab indicates banshee is not running but the play controls are still showing in the sound menu.

Aritchie (aritchie) said : #6

Oh I noticed something else. When banshee is not running and I click the play button, the Play button pulses with an orange glow until banshee starts. It does not pulse with a glow when banshee is already running - you just simply get a click and that is it.

Olivier Tilloy (osomon) said : #7

Ah, I finally got it! I was looking for the banshee-specific indicator (installed by banshee-extension-appindicator), but what you meant is that the controls show up in the menu of the global sound indicator. Took me a while to figure out, sorry, it’s been a long week…

So it looks to me like this change is intended, even though I was not aware of it. It is not specific to unity-2d, a regular unity session has it too.

Aritchie (aritchie) said : #8

Actually I think it is a good idea.