Opening Unity 2D Dash

Asked by Ian Santopietro on 2011-02-12

Is there any way to open the Unity 2D dash via the command line?

I'm fine with running "dbus-send" commands, but I'm not sure what parameters I need to provide to get the dash open.

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Ian Santopietro
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Nathan Moos (nathan-moos) said : #1

It says in the Readme that there's a property to control it via DBUS:
com.canonical.Unity2d /Dash true|false

The command would be: 'dbus-send --dest=com.canonical.Unity2d --type=method_call /Dash com.canonical.Unity2d.Dash.activateHome

Ian Santopietro (isantop) said : #2

Awesome. Is it possible to straight to the All Applications section, as if the applications place were clicked on the panel?

Nathan Moos (nathan-moos) said : #3

@lsantop: I've not found exactly how to do that, but the command would look like 'dbus-send --dest=com.canonical.Unity2d --type=method_call /Dash com.canonical.Unity2d.Dash.activatePlaceEntry string:<something-that-I've-not-figured-out>'

Ian Santopietro (isantop) said : #4

Thanks, I'll look into that as well.

Ian Santopietro (isantop) said : #5

I've got it. The available places are listed in /usr/share/unity/places. So, the command I need is this:

dbus-send --dest=com.canonical.Unity2d --type=method_call /Dash com.canonical.Unity2d.Dash.activatePlaceEntry string:"/usr/share/unity/places/" string:"Files"

I found it with dbus-monitor, now that I know what to look for. Thanks for all your help!