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Asked by Aritchie on 2011-02-05

Hi gentlemen, my question is what controls the position of the launcher on the desktop. I was going between logging in from a Desktop Edition and Unity-2d session and now the launcher's position on the desktop is not right.The position of the launcher is now at 0,0 on the screen so the top of it overlaps the panel. When I xkill the launcher and start it from a Terminal window, this is the output I get when the launcher starts:

Unity 2D Launcher: [WARNING] Favorite application not added due to desktop file missing or corrupted ( "/usr/share/applications/cheese.desktop" )
Unity 2D Launcher: [DEBUG] LauncherView::workAreaResized: resize to (58, 744) and move to (0, 24)
Unity 2D Launcher: [DEBUG] Second call to LauncherView::workAreaResized. Ignoring.

Is there anyway I can fix this or am I going to have to reinstall?


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Aritchie (aritchie) said : #1

I am not sure if I explained enough. I wish I could post a screenshot but apparently I cannot do that with asking a question. The launcher has shifted up 24 pixels. It is still the same size; it just has shifted up where it overlaps with the panel at the top. It did not do this when I first installed unity-2d, it happened after going from after logging in to the Desktop Edition session, logging out and than logging into the unity-2d session. Everything else is fine. The panel is at the top where it is supposed to be.

Aritchie (aritchie) said : #2

Never mind, I have discovered what the problem was and it was my doing. I apparently had inside of gconf-editor in the metacity settings, checked "disable workarounds" and that what was causing the problem. I unchecked it and logged out and back into unity-2d and now the launcher is back where it is supposed to be. Duh!

Florian Boucault (fboucault) said : #3

Aritchie, tomorrow's update will also introduce a more clever launcher positioning and will prevent that kind of issues from happening.

Aritchie (aritchie) said : #4

Hey, hey I just did the update and noticed the workspace switcher button on the launcher. Looking good with metacity here gentlemen.

Florian Boucault (fboucault) said : #5

Thanks Aritchie :)