just what can unetbootin do in frugal?

Asked by daveh on 2010-02-02

Sorry to have to ask here but after extensive Googling and requests on other forums I still can't get the answer to what I believe to be a simple question.

Can Unetbootin's frugal install mode work in installing a linux distro eg Linux Lint to an ntfs partition which has Windows XP or 7 installed without destroying the existing Windows OS?

I can add puppy linux frugal to an ntfs partition with Windows but no one so far can tell me if the above is possible.

Many thanks

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #1

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daveh (david-huckfield) said : #2

I'd appreciate if someone could answer this...I know several people are confused as to what Unetbootin's frugal mode can do... and some are unsure whether they are wasting their time trying to make it do what it may not be capable of.

Thank you.

Also Original should say "Linux Mint" not "Linux Lint".

Best Geza Kovacs (gezakovacs) said : #3

What can be done in frugal mode depends on the distribution. For distributions that are contained entirely in the initrd, such as Slitaz, Puppy Linux, DSL, Parted Magic, or the netboot installers for Ubuntu and Debian, there are no restrictions on operation. However, for larger distributions like the Ubuntu or Mint live CDs, since the hard drive has to be mounted for the liveCD squashfs to be mounted, the partition from which the frugal install is being loaded can't be resized during operation. Hence the way to install Linux Mint would be to first boot Parted Magic and resize partitions, and only afterward boot Linux Mint and do the installation.

daveh (david-huckfield) said : #4

Thanks Geza Kovacs, that solved my question.