Ubuntu 13.04 with correct md5: "invalid or corrupt kernel image"

Asked by DiagonalArg on 2013-06-04

Hi all. I'm trying to install Ubuntu 13.04 desktop, 64 bit on a USB (with 1MB persistent). I've done it before, but it's now it's not working. When I make the USB and try to boot it (ThinkPad T60p), I get the dreaded "invalid or corrupt kernel image". The md5 of the .iso is fine, and when I "test the disk for defects" instead of trying to boot ubuntu, I get "Check finished: no errors found".

Anyone have any idea what's up??

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DiagonalArg (diagonalarg) said : #1

I have now tried on two different USB sticks with the same results. The command that is failing ("Default") is:

/ubnkern initrd=/ubninit file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper quite splash -- presistent

On the other hand, "Try Ubuntu without installing" leads to a terminal login (whose default credentials I don't know):

/casper/vmlinuz.efi initrd=/casper/initrd.lz file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper quite splash -- presistent

DiagonalArg (diagonalarg) said : #2

Removing "persistent" from the second command allows Ubuntu to boot properly. Removing it from the first has no effect - it still reports "invalid or corrupt kernel image".

How do I get persistence to work properly?

Geza Kovacs (gezakovacs) said : #3

Thanks for reporting! I've fixed this issue in the latest release (584) which you can find downloads for on the website.

DiagonalArg (diagonalarg) said : #4

@Geza - thanks, but I'm still having trouble. Now, both Default and "Try Ubuntu without installing" produce a splash screen, but then I end up at a terminal login:

Ubuntu 13.04 localhost.localdomain tty1
locaholst login:

I tried ubuntu/"" and ubuntu/ubuntu to login, but neither work.

DiagonalArg (diagonalarg) said : #5

... and by the way, if I do C-Alt-F7 at the login prompt, I'm just led to a blank screen.

DiagonalArg (diagonalarg) said : #6

... in both cases, getting rid of "persistent" boots properly. So I'm still stuck with the issue of getting persistence to work.

(And while I am not doing this now, I would ultimately like to have persistence in a separate partition.)

If there is anything I can do to provide more information, I'd be happy to.

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