Converting unetbootin usb into bootable iso

Asked by drmym87 on 2011-11-05

Thanks to persistence property in unetbootin, I successfully managed to install a full kde linux OS on my usb flash and installed additional programs to it which remain persistent every time I reboot .........

Now, I am trying to boot it from another Desktop PC with old Bios verion and it won't boot at all ......

So, I need to convert this bootable usb created by unetbootin into a bootable iso so that I can boot it from any PC or from VMware player.

I searched the net a lot and finally decided to go to the program developers .....

Please help me create the iso (which of course contains all of my additional programs) or tell me another way to make my usb boot on old Bios (which seems to recognize usb 1.1 but not my usb 2.0) ...... or a program which can extract unetbootin boot sector into *.bif file to be used in creating the iso with PowerISO ......

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drmym87 (drmym87) said :

Forget about everything I mentioned about

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drmym87 (drmym87) said :

Forget about everything I mentioned about old Bios .......

I just want a way to backup my OS which was installed on usb using unetbootin on a file (whether iso or not) so that if some error occured or some virus infected the usb flash, I can go back and re-install the backup file on the flash drive again without the need to re-install any additional software every time this happens ......

It will be a great new feature of any new unetbootin version ..... please post any software can do this in the present ........

Thank you and I am looking forward to your solution as soon as possible ......

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Geza Kovacs (gezakovacs) said :

I'm not aware of any way to convert the USB drive's contents into a bootable ISO, but if all you want is to backup the USB drive's contents to a file that can be written to the USB later, you can do so on Linux using the "dd" utility (google "dd backup usb drive" and you'll find plenty of results)

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drmym87 (drmym87) said :

Thanks for reply Geza Kovacs .....

I have already tried "dd" utility before posting my question .... it cannot backup the boot section (unetbootin bootloader) ...

However, I have solved the issue in a tricky way ...... by dividing it into two steps :

"I copied the entire contents of my USB drive into a folder (in Windows) ==> (i.e. the visible contents that Windows can see)".

1- Provided a formated USB, I reinstalled the original bootable iso on the USB using unetbootin.

2- After completion, I replaced the files and folders with those copied previously (in Windows).

Rebooting from USB will successfully shows my previously stored software and contents in the new USB drive.

I will leave the post open since this method will double the time needed for writing to the USB and I still needed the original bootable iso file ...... anyone knows of any software that converts bootable USB into bootable iso can post here .........

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delance (olivier-delance) said :

"it cannot backup the boot section " : it can, but you must use /dev/sdx instead of /dev/sdx1. The boot sectors are outside partitions, so you must specify the disk itself.

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drmym87 (drmym87) said :

Thanks a lot delance ......

I tried dd with "count=1" to store the boot sector from the USB, but that did not work.
(If I use it to backup the entire USB drive, it takes a lot of time and disk space .... My 2 steps trick is better).

If you are claiming to be in the Unetbootin Team, there has to be a way to extract and convert the boot sector it creates into a *.bif file or any other extension recognized by any other software so that a backup file is created for future use.

It will be better if that file can be converted into iso boot sector and this will solve the whole issue.

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delance (olivier-delance) said :

I'm not in Unetbootin Team. I only subscribed packet question to help when I can.

Can you help with this problem?

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