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Asked by keith johnson

  I have tried a couple of Ubuntu/Gnome Distro's, Ubuntu 10 and LinuxMint, but had mouse and keyboard failures. I trying PCLinuxOS right now and working pretty good from LiveCD.

 My question is can I configure Grub2 on a boot-able DVD to give me a choice on which ISO to load. This way I can save money (unemployed) by burning a few Distro's on one disk. I would like to try Ubuntu with KDE to see if mouse and keyboard problem goes away.

  Thanks and remember I am a newbie at command inputs.

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marcus aurelius (adbiz) said :

1. this is the ubuntu forum. we can only help you with ubuntu and its variants (e.g. kubuntu, xubuntu). linux mint and pclinuxos have their own forum.

2. you don't load an iso. an iso is a disc image. rather, you load an operating system. windoze, mac os, ubuntu/linux are operating systems.

3. yes, you can choose which system you want to load when you boot the computer. some people have multiple opsys on their computer. i have windoze vista, ubuntu, fedora on my desktop.

it's strange that your mouse and keyboard don't work. are they nonstandard?

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keith johnson (kaj221) said :

  Sorry maybe my wording.

 I want to try Ubuntu and Kubuntu (this is the one with the KDE desktop, right?), but I ran out of CDR's. I have DVDR's and DVDR's LabelFlash. I understand that the that boot loader loads a os from the iso's??? I just want to put a couple of Distro's on a bootable DVD and then choose from the the DVD which os to load ie: ubuntu or kubuntu.

 Yes, my keyboard and mouse are standard. LOL I doesn't make sense me. The only thing I thought of is, on the original install of ubuntu 10 I had a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse installed on my computer. I have since uninstalled, reformatted my hard drive and run from livecd. So I don't think this is an issue.

 It seems funny to me as a newbie that I had problems on 2 Distro's base on Gnome and ubuntu, ubuntu 10 and LinuxMint!! But when I tried a Distro based on Debian,(like ubuntu and linuxmint), but using KDE, everything worked fine.

 This is the reason for wanting the multi iso dvd. I want to try ubuntu 10 again and if I get the problem again, I can reboot into kubuntu to see if problem goes away. I am sort of compulsive on fixing things and a mouse not working, come they been around awhile!!! I can't help myself!! LOL

 Oh, I also have a usb hhd that I can boot from in from my bios. Wait, I could format my ex hhd into say a 300 gb ntfs and appox. 4 50 gb partitions and load os's on them. Will the boot loader know each distro I load???

  Again Thanks for your time!!!!! I am pretty sharp on XP, but new at commands. Old guy and have pretty much used a GUI and want to learn command inputs.

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keith johnson (kaj221) said :

Here's info on my computer. Don't laugh LOL it's my 1st build form stuff people gave me and I picked up. P4 @ 3.02 running on 400 bus, 2 gb ddr 400, msi motherboard 7005 v1 I think, with sis chipset 651(?), Nvidia 6200 126 mb om 4x agp, wd 500 gb 7200 rpm hhd and pioneer cd/dvd buner w/ LabelFlash and XP pro sp3.

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delance (olivier-delance) said :

On Keyboard and mouse issues, I presume you use USB ones.
In BIOS, you should find an option with "USB legacy mouse/keyboard". If you toggle this issue, it should solve your issue.

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delance (olivier-delance) said :

Have a look at
You could contact this user.

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keith johnson (kaj221) said :

Ok delance. No, I am using ps/2 mouse and keyboard. the keyboard is a Dell and the mouse is a mi(?) cheapie laser. I also have a Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 4000, Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 not installed. The wireless mouse works badly can barely use, keyboard ok.

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keith johnson (kaj221) said :

Not sure on the Grub. Is there a way to load grub with boot chooses first. This will most likely my 1st try at scripting. I am reading some command line tuts. I did install PCLOS and watched as it went. This is what I think I have learned on booting. I saw this
/dev/sda (position 0 my info not on screen ) (WD) I know this is my windows partition
/dev/sdb (92 something) ex. hhd
/dev/sda 5 Linux partition at position 5 swap?
/dev/sda 6 Linux partition at position 6 swap?
/dev/sda 7 Linux partition at position 7 main partition
 and the one with the "*" is the boot partition
 dev = device
 sd = ?

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delance (olivier-delance) said :

Originaly, sd was for SCSI disk. SCSI is a protocol, used for printers, scanner and disks.
Now, "sd" is for all mass memory storage (hard disk, USB key, ...) for all protocol except PATA (which remains "hd").

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