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Asked by Kasuko

Just curious if it's possible to use unetbootin to install Ubuntu (or any other OS) on to my USB drive but NOT to the root folder. I want to have it on my main USB drive but find all those files on the root to be disruptive to other USB drive use.

It would be great if I could get it bootable out of a /Ubuntu directory (or anything else). I'm not exactly a linux newb, I know my way around a config file or two and I'm not afraid to reconfigure mount points or anything.

All I'm looking for is a point in the right direction. Thanks.

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Best Jan (jancborchardt-deactivatedaccount) said :

Hey Kasuko :)

If I understood you correctly, this sounds like a job for GParted: You could make another partition roughly the size of a CD and choose that partition in UNetbootin (something like sdb2).

I have about 8 partitions on my USB stick for several Ubuntu, Debian and DSL versions – works flawlessly. The only thing I have to do beforehand is set the partition I want to boot to bootable in System → Administration → Disk Utility (you will have to do that only once if you only have one Ubuntu version on it).

Let me know if it works or when you have further questions. :)

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Kasuko (kasuko) said :

Thats sounds like that would work except it would restrict the install to a certain size where if I installed on the main partition it could potentially have access to the whole 16GB of space. I would hate to partition off like 2 GB of my USB drive that never fills up or partition off less and have it be not enough.

I will first look into getting it looking pretty on the main drive, I haven't played around with it yet (I asked here first before I wasted my time if someone else has already done it) so tonight I will work on it.

If not this is the route I will be going.
Thank You

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Jan (jancborchardt-deactivatedaccount) said :

I gave every Ubuntu partition 800 MB of space, that is enough if you don’t use that as your main system.

You may try 1.5 GB or something like that and try out if that works. You can still resize the partitions if you’re getting space problems (though that is kinda risky, as always).

But it’s your decision. :)

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Kasuko (kasuko) said :

Thanks Jan-Christoph Borchardt, that solved my question.

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Kasuko (kasuko) said :

So I fiddled around last night and while scanning through several config files to change a WHOLE lot of paths I decided it was just too much work to save 1GB of space. So I just partitioned it.


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drmym87 (drmym87) said :

Hi there .....

If I understood these posts, it appears that I can install two different OS (using two different iso) on my USB drive and choose the one I need to load at boot time ......

If this is possible, please help me to configure my USB partitions to achieve this goal .... I am not so familiar with the way to configure Unetbootin boot menu ....

If this needs a new question thread, please tell me since I will need a step by step guide.

(Note: I know exactly how much space I need for each OS)

Thank you