Add a shop=massage filter ?

Asked by Thilo on 2016-11-05


I just entered my favourite thai massage to OSM,
then realized there's no filter for this in uNav.

It's available in OsmAnd, for example :


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costales (costales) said : #1

Hi Thilo!

We're using OSM POIs, not OSMAnd.
There isn't that POI in Nominatin:

A hug and I'm so sorry.
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Thilo (thaug) said : #2

It was just an example that other navigation apps (based on OSM) DO use it.

In OSM, shop=massage is used 4‚ÄČ473 times :

It's a usual POI / tag described here :

I think it would be helpful to many people

So why not list it, is there a technical issue ?

costales (costales) said : #3

I only can use POIs from the link I sent you ;) OSM Nominatin hasn't all

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Thilo (thaug) said : #4

I see, didn't know that, thanks.

Created a ticket to add it :

Thilo (thaug) said : #5

In the meantime, the parameter seems to have been added :

Massage Shop shop massage - N
Massage Shops shop massage - Y
Massage Shop in shop massage in N
Massage Shops in shop massage in Y
Massage Shop near shop massage near N
Massage Shops near shop massage near Y

costales (costales) said : #6

Hi Thilo,
One question, for me a massage shop is where you can buy things for a massage, not where you go to get a massage (?).
Best regards.

Thilo (thaug) said : #7

Hi Costales,

this is the original proposal :
"Definition: Place to receive a massage"

According to taginfo, 59.83% is massage=thai

I understand your point, it should rather be amenity,
but there are other "shops" also which mainly "sell" a service
instead of products :

Regarding vehicles, everything is shop= ,
also if it's repair (a service, not a product).

On the other hand, there's for instance
amenity =vending_machine
(which is IMHO clearly a shop)

There would also be the possibility to use amenity:massage=Thai (or medical/chinese/herbal/hotstone...)
Unfortunately I couldn't find a documentation about the philosophy behind
when this is done and why (another example is the switch to contact:phone=,
which hasn't been documented :
There's an ongoing discussion since 2012 about that:

In my point of view, this is a negative aspect in "grassroots democracy",
at least if there's no regulating instance at all (kinda "council of elders").


costales (costales) said : #8

I'll add it and do a few tests :) Could you send me a link to one of them for testing?
Thanks in advance!

costales (costales) said : #11


Uhm, it's not working :(<email address hidden>&extratags=1&q=Massage%20Shops&viewbox=9.0624438598752,48.33146144612053,9.362443797290323,48.63146138353565

Any idea? The URL is the standard for any nearby place.

Thanks in advance!

Thilo (thaug) said : #12

Could you provide a working link to compare ?
I can't resolve the "viewbox" parameter,
is this just for nominatim ?

costales (costales) said : #13

Yes, this finds all the Veterinaries in 15km:<email address hidden>&extratags=1&q=Veterinary Surgeries&viewbox=9.161955676972868,48.43139386367031,9.261955656111242,48.53139384280868

Thilo (thaug) said : #14
costales (costales) said : #15

That is not valid, because you're not looking into an area (use as reference from a center)

Thilo (thaug) said : #16

Yes, was just a try.
The strage thing is, when I use the querystring="Veterinary" link,
it's resolved into this :

When I use the exact same link and just replace Veterinary%20Surgeries with any of the "massage" ones named here :
I don't get this "exclude" value.

Tried the same with "Vending Machine" which works fine.
Think I need to open another ticket at Nominatim,
the massage values seem to be somehow incomplete in the DB,
But obviously only when related to an area.

costales (costales) said : #17

I think is not nominatin, it's the place itself, the field is not the
same as the nominatin search (?)

Thilo (thaug) said : #18

Currently trying to understand the syntax, when I set bounded to zero, it works :<email address hidden>&extratags=1&q=Massage%20shop&viewbox=9.161955676972868,48.43139386367031,9.261955656111242,48.53139384280868

costales (costales) said : #19
costales (costales) said : #20

The URL has to be that, you are bounding an area and looking inside area for a places ;)

or viewboxlbrt=<left>,<bottom>,<right>,<top>

        The preferred area to find search results


    Restrict the results to only items contained with the bounding box.

Thilo (thaug) said : #21

O.k., tried another bounding box which works :<email address hidden>&extratags=1&q=Massage&viewbox=8.4045410156,48.2758815274,10.0964355469,49.0594698472

Value created with :

costales (costales) said : #22

Yeah, you can give a so big bound, like in your example, but that
doesn't fix the issue of not found massages places near ;)

costales (costales) said : #23

In the are of your 1st example:
there are not results if I apply to the same viewbox:

I would say that the Massage is for Shops, and not for Massage places where get a massage (?)

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